Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!



A Christmas Wish

May what the angels proclaimed that first Christmas ring true to this day: Glory to God. And peace on earth (can’t emphasize this enough!).

Wishing everyone the gift of peace this season! Peace in our hearts. Peace in our homes. Peace with our neighbors. Peace within. Peace in the world. πŸ˜ƒ

Our Own Little Walk of Fame


Took this picture of Elmo’s footprints. I did mention in previous posts that we were having works done on the house, one of them was a covered walkway connecting the garage to the side door (which leads to the kitchen). As the workers were already paving the walkway, we requested that they allow Elmo to stamp his footprints on the cement while it was still wet. πŸ˜›

Would have wanted for handprints as well, but he was being fastidious at that time and didn’t want to get *dirty*. πŸ˜› He is pleased with the “finished product” though and would point to his foot prints, exclaiming “My feet!”

When he’s older, I intend to take a picture of his much bigger feet beside his tinyΒ footprints.

Oh, Dalja!

I’ll just let Dalja express how I think and feel these days. πŸ˜›


Screencaps are from the Korean drama, “Dalja’s Spring.” OhΒ Dalja (played by actress Chae Rim) has a loving family, a successful career, supportive friends and is generally a good girl. But at 33, is still NBSB! Her life takes a crazy turn when she suddenly finds herself in a love triangle. It’s an old drama, but it’s one of my favorites, perhaps having first watched it at a very relatable time in my life (that bit about being a single thirty-something, not the love triangle thing). πŸ˜›