Blog Housekeeping

Doing some cleaning up on this blog. Deleting/editing tags. Fixing broken links. Discovered a few unfinished posts–will see which ones I can still revive. Still have to work on the categories and “About Me” page. In the meantime, feel free to browse around. 😉


My Little Delight

During today’s Sunday school for kids, the memory verse was Psalm 37:4: “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Teacher asks one of the kids, “What is the meaning of delight?”

Elmo points to the flourescent bulb–The Light. 😛

Cute as a Button

I’ve revamped my blog’s look yet again, this time to Button. (Coz I’m so fickle like that. 😛 Thankfully it’s free!)

Button combines the sweetness of Sobe and the sleekness of Penscratch. 🙂 It is by the talented Caroline Moore, whose previous theme creations I’ve used in my blog at one time or another. 😉

favorite wp themes
A few of my favorite themes. 😉

Nothing like a blog revamp to liven things up a bit. 😉

A Bright New Look for My Amygdala

Ah! I’ve finally worked out the kinks of this Pachyderm theme. When I first activated it, some of my posts’ titles do not show up. Apparently, this happens for posts with ‘Status’, ‘Link’, ‘Aside’ and ‘Quote’ post formats, since these posts are supposedly only one-liners. I had to individual re-“label” each post under the ‘Standard’ format.

This Pachyderm theme closely resembles my former Sobe theme. I still love the latter, and will most probably revert back to it in the future. But for now, I just want a bright new look for my amygdala. 😉

Blog Fog

I realize I haven’t written anything substantial as of late. Maybe I should do a weekly feature of sorts (like Diane’s Beautiful Sundays 😉 ), just so I could be more consistent with blogging. But what is there to blog about? 😮 Nothing much exciting or dramatic happened this week. @_@