Our Wedding Playlist

Celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary today. ❤ Went through our wedding album (with Elmo asking, why he wasn’t there. 😛 ), and watched our same-day edit. Can’t help but reminisce over the events of that day when I married the man of my dreams prayers. 😉 It wasn’t “flawless,” and I could actually go on and gripe about many things that didn’t go exactly as *planned*. But I got everything I prayed for, right from The Groom to the great weather, walking down the aisle with my parents, dancing with Dad, to getting married itself. 🙂 It’s been one exciting experience, too good to be true, and I can’t believe it actually happened to me.

One of my gripes was our wedding video (Note: NOT SDE!). It turned out to be a disaster, with songs I don’t even like thrown into the mix, i.e. “I’ve Finally Found Someone” by Barbra Streisand and Bryan Adams—I don’t hate it; I just don’t like it v. much. 😮 I wanted a lot of OPM (who wouldn’t be moved by their lyrics, so poetic and sincere? 🙂 ) I was certain I emailed the video editors my song preferences, but the final product turned out to be different. The editing was also baaaad. So I thought about compiling our Wedding Playlist, in an attempt to salvage as many beautiful memories from that day. And nothing stirs the emotions as powerfully as music. 🙂

Ever Ever After. From the movie, “Enchanted.” The first time I heard the song, I resolved: “Balang araw, pag kinasal ako, gagamitin ko itong kantang ito…” 😛 I’ve watched our SDE hundreds of times, and it never gets old. I may be biased, but it could also be the happy music and the timeless words.

Ngayon at Kailanman. My wedding march. I like the original Basil Valdez version, and had one of our ninongs sing it, to a piano accompaniment by his wife, also our ninang, while I walked down the aisle. I especially like these lines:

“Sa bawat araw ang pag-ibig ko sa ‘yo liyag
Lalong tumatamis, tumitingkad
Bawat kahapon ay daig nitong bawat ngayon
Na daig ng bawat bukas”

Two Words (I Do). This was our first dance as a married couple. And it was made more special and meaningful by Terci’s siblings’ performance. His sister played the piano, the second brother played the violin, and the youngest brother sang it. Too bad, the videographers failed to capture it. 😦

I Loved Her First. By Heartland. I am just so so SO GRATEFUL AND BLESSED to be able to dance with my Father on my wedding day. He has suffered from multiple strokes, you see, and I feared that the stress excitement of the day might cause his blood pressure or his sugars to shoot up. So for him to be able to walk me down the aisle and dance with me is a wonderful blessing. ❤

A Mother’s Song. This one didn’t make the cut. I only discovered it a couple of days before the wedding. It wasn’t as accessible at that time, and was only available as a purchased download from T Carter Music. Still I’m putting it here coz it’s such a heartwarming song. 🙂

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring. By Johann Sebastian Bach. The processional. I was also considering Pachelbel’s Canon in D, but it’s too ubiquitous.

Pag-Ibig (Di Ko Malimutan). By the Apo Hiking Society. One of the songs we played during the pictorials/recessional.

Panalangin. Also by the Apo Hiking Society. Also for the pictorials/recessional.

Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko. Originally by Rey Valera, but I preferred the more upbeat version of Noel Cabangon. 🙂

Happy listening! 🙂


Ever Ever After at 5!

Can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I walked down the aisle, to marry the man of my dreams, or prayers rather! 🙂

I’m having trouble uploading our wedding SDE, so I’ll just post the link.

Shot on the same day, 5 years ago. The exact same day of the week even–a Saturday. 😉 I was up at 3 (!!!!) in the morning, for our 9 AM wedding. 😮 (We opted for a morning wedding coz we had several old people guests. 😀 ) I remember trying to sleep at 9 PM the night before (with great difficulty, as I am more a night owl than a morning lark!), and being awakened by a text from our wedding OTD coordinator that she was already at the door. 😛 I don’t recall feeling rested, I can’t even remember falling asleep. But the adrenaline rush was more than enough to sustain me throughout the day. 😉

I so luv our SDE! Took my cue from Ate Grace who also chose an upbeat song for her wedding SDE. Hindi tuloy nakakasawa panoorin kahit paulit-ulit! 🙂 The first time I watched “Enchanted”, I already mentally bookmarked this song for future reference.  I was still single at that time, but I already had a vision for my wedding. 😉 (“Balang araw, pag kinasal ako, gagamitin ko itong kantang ito…” 😛 ) It was also a good idea that Terci brought the Lego bride & groom minifigs 👰 🎩 coz it injected some fun and personality to our video. 😉

Buti pa itong youtube video ng kanta, pwedeng ma-embed sa post. 😮 Our wedding SDE is here.