Hope in Uncertain Times

And just like that the storm has passed. We’re still dealing with the bands, but at least the worse is over. Thank God for the Sierra Madre which broke the winds.

Terci woke up in the early morning, and together we kept vigil as the eye of the storm passed over us; it was a momentary period of calm. 😯 Elmo got awakened by the loud banging of the doors and windows, but was consoled back to sleep. I was also able to sleep already after that, but only for a couple of hours.

Woke up this morning to find puddles outside our room.

Terci: Oh there’s water on the floor.
Elmo: Yes. It went in through the windows. Because it rained for forty days and forty nights! ☔️😅

Aww Elmo, our little ray of sunshine in this stormy weather. 😊 I realized that although kids are dependent on adults for their physical needs, they are not useless. In fact, they are a great morale booster! Their seeming “helplessness” is overmatched by their hopefulness.

And during these interesting times (and I don’t just mean this typhoon, but all the other uncertainties in this world right now, i.e. terrorism, wars, political instability, disease epidemics, climate change), when I start succumbing to worry and fear and anxiety, I look at my son. His innocence and carefree ways are a source of cheer and strength and encouragement. 😃 No wonder children hold a special place in Jesus’ heart; they are a tangible evidence of God’s love and grace and promise that everything is or will be alright in this world. 😃


What Matters Most

I am writing this on the occasion of our 7th year anniversary as a couple. We are holed up in a hotel room. Elmo is soundly asleep. Terci is asleep as well; he is trying to stock up on strength and energy, but I can feel that he is restless with the way he keeps fidgeting. 😯

As for me, I can’t sleep. 😯 I hear the wind howl outside and the windows rattle against it. Neither of us imagined that seven years from when Terci first asked me out that fateful morning, we’d be spending this night na nag-alsabalutan, with a toddler in tow, on preemptive evacuation from one the strongest typhoons (literally! 😛) our relationship would have to face.

Super Typhoon Lawin is expected to wreak havoc this side of the country. At sustained winds of 225 kph, it is weaker than Yolanda which devastated Southeastern Philippines in 2014, but it has stronger gusts at 315 kph and has a wider range 800 km vs. Yolanda’s 600 km. It is predicted to make landfall in a couple of hours in neighboring Cagayan, and storm signal no. 5 has already been raised in our province. NDRRMC has been regularly sending SMS updates, warning us of a “severe danger” and to prepare for a “catastrophic event.”

Better OA than sorry.

So last night, we packed our things. One large luggage to hold 4-5 days worth of clothes. Not even my favorites nor most fashionable clothes, but those which are comfortable and practical. 😯 (And they are few! Coz I wear dresses and skirts more often, and my “pambahays” are so ratty! 😛)

In a smaller bag, we placed our “valuables”: legal documents, a hard drive of pictures, “The Life Application Study Bible” which was Terci’s first gift to me when we became a couple, and Elmo’s little devotional book.

Elmo thinks we’re going on a holiday. I caught him slipping in our luggage some choice Star Wars space ships 🚀 and the book, “Guess How Much I Love You.” 😊

And as for today’s gloomy weather, he has this to say “Today, the sun went to sleep. Tomorrow, it will wake up again.” 😃

Life and death situations (whether brought about by calamities or terminal illnesses) can force one to examine what is most important. And in the grand scheme of things, apparently my library (and for Terci, his Lego and Star Wars collection) do not mean much.

And what matters is Faith and hope and family. ❤️