About the Amygdala

The limbic system

The amygdala is a pair of almond-shaped structures located deep within the temporal lobes of the brain. It is part of the limbic system–the anatomical substrate for memory and learning, behavior and motivation, and emotions. Because of its connections, the amygdala is involved in various integrative sensory and emotional functions. It is crucial in the processing of *autobiographical* events, as well as biological and environmental cues. It functions to “charge cues so that mnemonic events of a specific emotional significance can be successfully searched within the appropriate neural nets and re-activated.” (Markowitsch, 2011)


7 thoughts on “About the Amygdala

  1. I am nominating you for a photo challenge called the Four Elements Photo Challenge. You would pick a photo best describing each of the four elements. NO pressure here only if you want to.


  2. I love your blog title. A few years ago, I opened the window curtain in the morning, onto a sunny day. My boyfriend glared at me, and I said, “Sorry about your amygdala.” We’d just been talking about its role in waking one, in response to light. He cracked up, The sentence reoccurs now and then. (:

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