BAGgiedala atbp.

Ah July! My favorite month, my birth month. A valid time for me to unabashedly ask for things I want. 😛 So here it is, my 2017 Birthday Wishlist! Thank you very much in advance. 😉

This Dagne Dover classic tote. 💼 My daily tote’s handles are fraying along the edges, so I’m scouting for a new bag to replace it. I need a roomy bag, but without the little things drowning and getting lost in the mess. I like how the Dagne Dover tote has many compartments to keep things in place and organized. The design is clean and classy. I want one in bleecker blush or onyx.


And while we’re at it, this matching Dagne Dover wallet and pouch.

I’d also like a fruit infusion water bottle. 😉


A rash guard and legsuit, to cover up my unsightly parts for when I decide to join my little penguin.

A pair of white Keds sneakers. I think leather would be less dumihin and easier to clean. Whatchatink?

Muji storage drawers!

That’s it for the material things. The real birthday wishlist is WEIGHT LOSS! 😛


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