Ever Ever After at 5!

Can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I walked down the aisle, to marry the man of my dreams, or prayers rather! 🙂

I’m having trouble uploading our wedding SDE, so I’ll just post the link.

Shot on the same day, 5 years ago. The exact same day of the week even–a Saturday. 😉 I was up at 3 (!!!!) in the morning, for our 9 AM wedding. 😮 (We opted for a morning wedding coz we had several old people guests. 😀 ) I remember trying to sleep at 9 PM the night before (with great difficulty, as I am more a night owl than a morning lark!), and being awakened by a text from our wedding OTD coordinator that she was already at the door. 😛 I don’t recall feeling rested, I can’t even remember falling asleep. But the adrenaline rush was more than enough to sustain me throughout the day. 😉

I so luv our SDE! Took my cue from Ate Grace who also chose an upbeat song for her wedding SDE. Hindi tuloy nakakasawa panoorin kahit paulit-ulit! 🙂 The first time I watched “Enchanted”, I already mentally bookmarked this song for future reference.  I was still single at that time, but I already had a vision for my wedding. 😉 (“Balang araw, pag kinasal ako, gagamitin ko itong kantang ito…” 😛 ) It was also a good idea that Terci brought the Lego bride & groom minifigs 👰 🎩 coz it injected some fun and personality to our video. 😉

Buti pa itong youtube video ng kanta, pwedeng ma-embed sa post. 😮 Our wedding SDE is here.


5 thoughts on “Ever Ever After at 5!

  1. OMG pareho tayo ng favorite. ahahaha I claimed ownership for this video ahahahahah Yun lang, malabo ata mangyari na magamit ko hahaha

    Watched your wedding video… ganda!!!!! It’s also my first time na nakita kita up close. Ang prettty!!! Happy 5th anniversary. Sana magkaron na ng kapatid si Elmo :p

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    1. Ngayon ko lang nakita to! Salamat naman sa comment, nakakataba ng puso. PAYAT PA AKO JAN!!!! 😛 But I’m sure every bride is beautiful on her wedding day 🙂 Ikaw den, someday. 😉


  2. The sde is also notable for being consistent with our other friends’ sde…. in showing a close up of miss T’s face while bawling her eyes out! She is specifically telegenic when she’s losing it! Ahahahah! HAppy anniv nsjk! I still remember that day like it was yesterday!

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    1. I am reminded of Mulder’s ugly cry face in Redux. But because he looked so vulnerable, I forgive him. Indeed, being able to cry beautifully is a talent! Something I don’t have. With my puffy eyes and red nose, I look more like someone who got stung by a bee and developed anaphylaxis.


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