Healthy and Mindful for 2017

Last year was my first time to join the “One Word” movement, with the word “Mindfulness.” I felt it was more effective than a list of resolutions, in producing lasting changes and enforcing habits.

A look back at how *mindful* the previous year was:

♥ I was more mindful of my expenses, foregoing the little things and so was able to refurbish our old piano and purchase an iPhone. I still have some impulsive buys though (iOS apps and some books), but not as expensive and regrettable. 😉

♥ I was able to drink the requisite 8-10 glasses of water on most days. And sleep 8 hrs on some days.

♥ I was able to organize my bookshelf, and discard 4 boxes worth of books!!!!

♥ Decluttered my closet too. And gave away a box of clothes that don’t fit, not my style, and not age-appropriate anymore. And am now slowly steadily building my “capsule wardrobe.”

I know “decluttering” wasn’t explicitly stated previously as part of the Mindfulness drill. But it was just oh so cathartic! All the free space was not just physical; it freed up my time and mind for other pursuits… like work and more worrying! 😛

I think the worrying part was where I failed most in the practice of Mindfulness.(It was being mindful, but over the wrong things!) I’ve always been a worrywart, but my anxiety shot up to high levels this year. I couldn’t help it. What with all the news of terrorism and war across the globe, climate change, poverty, criminality, corruption, moral depravity, and negativity on my FB newsfeed. Indeed we live in interesting times! And the Internet has made the world smaller. It didn’t help that I spent too much time online, not necessarily Facebook. 😛 I don’t think I’ve thought so much about the world and got so scared of the future–my son’s future actually.

Work is toxic as always, but the teaching load doubled. I also got involved in some projects which have gotten bigger than when I first signed up for them. On top of it all, we haven’t got a househelp so we’re still running the household, and running after a very energetic little boy.

You could say I worked and worried myself sick this year. 😦

And I was sick a lot! My first official blog post for last year must have been a portent of things to come. There’s the perpetual skin rash. But the URTIs and asthma and allergic rhinitis were more frequent and severe. I even got the flu which took 2 weeks to resolve. No major hospitalization, hence I can’t call in sick. But I was suboptimal.

And so, my One Word for this year is “Health.” Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit.

♥ I will aspire for a healthy body by continuing with the requisite 8-10 glasses of water a day, and clocking in more regular sleeping hours. I will take my calcium and multivitamin supplements regularly. I will eat healthy, be more active, and invest in skincare–the last one is a neglected resolution from 2015. 😛

♥ For a healthy mind, I will spend less time online, especially on news sites and political pages. I shall instead use my time for more meaningful pursuits, like decluttering, organizing and prettifying my home, journaling, taking pictures and reading books. I would want to rekindle my old love for music and piano and try to learn a new piece each month.

♥ I will start my day with prayer. I will count my blessings. I will catch up on my Bible reading backlog. I hope to be able to share/blog about my Faith journey as well. 🙂

I know there is some “mindful” spin to my resolutions. 😉 But I think that is the charm of the One Word drill, that one doesn’t just tick off an accomplishment or task in a “to do” list. Rather, it is a continuing process of improvement and evolution. Here’s to a healthy and more mindful 2017! 😎


One thought on “Healthy and Mindful for 2017

  1. That’s what I like about the one word drill, too. It’s a continuing process, a commitment that you could reaffirm and even improve on. Last year, my personal theme was health and wealth. This time, I have a new one but I have yet to gather all my thoughts to come up with a decent blog post. Soon.

    May 2017 allows you to be healthy and mindful! I wish you lots of luck! 🙂


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