My Little Heart


Lookie what arrived in the mail during the weekend! Thank you so much Kuya C. for the Christmas present. Elmo was quick to claim it for himself; he calls it The Baby Heart Book. 🙂

And in many ways, he is the “heart” to his parents’ “brain” personas–our *tangible* source of joy, hope and excitement in the otherwise bleak and boring world of “adulthood.” 😊

Brain and Heart are characters from The Awkward Yeti webcomics by Nick Seluk. They represent the constant struggle between reason and emotion. Although technically~~physiologically that is~~both reason and emotion reside in the brain; the former in the neocortex particularly the frontal lobe, and the latter in the… limbic system! 😃 Ah, but then, that would make Brain be more Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, which is kinda freaky. 😯 Not cute. So for all creative intents and artistic purposes, Brain is reason (ego) and Heart is emotion (id). 😉

There are other organ characters in the series (a second book is already out; entitled “Gut Instincts”, it features the digestive system and its components). But Brain and Heart are the most memorable and lovable, respectively (pun intended there! 😉). From having to get up early for work and paying taxes, to chasing butterflies and slaying dragons, the situations of Brain and Heart are soooo relatable, especially at this stage of Elmo’s toddlerhood… and my midlife crisis! 😛


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