Birthday Musings

And I just like that, our birthdays have come and gone. My husband and I both have our birthdays in July, only 9 days apart. We are not really big on parties–the preps before and the cleaning up after stress me out! 😛 We prefer just “quiet” intimate dinners with family and close friends. 😉

For this month, we celebrated our birthdays with dinner at a favorite restaurant. 🙂 We didn’t bother giving each other presents coz we’re channeling the money towards some major expenses. And how can you keep purchases hidden from each other when you have joint accounts anyway. 😮

Why, I even failed to update my Birthday Wishlist (save for Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas album which I have since purchased, it is essentially the same 😉 ). But if there are a few things I badly NEED this year, they would be rest and strength and time. I have been exceptionally tired these past few weeks. The Little One got sick–first with gastroenteritis, then a febrile illness of some viral etiology, then colds, followed by cough afterwards. He was extra clingy, wanting to be carried and held most of the time. It’s nice and cozy, but I can only hold up for so long. As much as my love for my son knows no bounds, my physical strength and time are finite. 😦 He’s better now; it is *I* who is sick. 😮 And I have yet to recover from all the lost sleep and fatigue. 😮


One thought on “Birthday Musings

  1. My husband and I both have our birthdays in October, seven days or one week apart. Same day din kaya kapag nagli-leave kami from work, sabay na lang, sa birthday ko, o kaya sa weekend na gitna ng bdays namin. Happy bday, Aggie! May God grant you the rest, strength, and time that you desire! And a few more good things, too! 🙂

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