Water Weight

It’s been weeks since I declared I was going to lose weight, and I don’t know what to make of my progress. 😮 At 54 kg, the weighing scale says I’m heavier than my initial weigh-in by a kilo. But, but, but… my clothes fit! Why I was even able to fit into this dress I bought 5 years ago. \m/

I’m not sure if that extra 1 kg is just “water weight.” Of all the things I listed I was gonna do to lose weight, drinking more water was the only one I was able to follow faithfully. (I keep on snacking on my son’s leftovers. Sayang eh!) On top of this mnemonic I employ so as to be able to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, I downloaded Plant Nanny, a water drinking app. The mnemonic’s effective as it is, but Plant Nanny’s just too cute! 🙂 It’s like a Tamagotchi, wherein you grow a plant by watering it, which reflects your own hydration status as well. 😉

Say hello to my Devil’s Ivy plant on D5 of hydration! ^_^ #mylittletamagotchi

And apparently you can grow not just a plant, but an entire garden! 😉

#gardengoals #easygardening #greenthumbfrustrations

I hope that on my next weight loss update, the weighing scale and my clothes and body are all in harmony. 😉

Now if you’ll excuse me  I have a garden to tend. 😛


2 thoughts on “Water Weight

  1. My husband used that app before! It was effective as it helped him drink more water but eventually, he got bored taking care of the “plants.” Buti yung pag-inom ng tubig as a habit, na-keep nya. Push natin yang weight loss plan na yan! 🙂


    1. My water drinking is quite regular actually, I really just find the app cute. 🙂 I think I’m only channeling my green thumb frustrations since I haven’t got a plant that has thrived. Lahat sila namatay, even cacti and succulents! XD


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