Early to Bed and Early to Rise

Wednesday Whatevers” was supposed to be an attempt at a *weekly* roundup/update of things happening in my life. But it’s been a few weeks since I introduced it, and this is only my second WW. 😛 At the rate things are going, it just might become a biweekly, or even a monthly roundup. Won’t apologize for it though, since I know my priorities, and blogging is nowhere near the top not among them. (I do try to write regularly in my *offline* journal though, but even that has not been so frequent as of late.)

I usually journal/blog late in the night, when my boys have already gone to bed and Internet is fastest. 😉 Lately though, I’ve been trying to sleep earlier, not so much as keeping my New Year’s resolutions (although that is an added bonus 😉 ), as regulating our son’s circadian rhythm. Since returning from our trip to Manila, the little one had a shift in eating and sleeping habits (and an explosion of vocabulary as well! 🙂 ). He doesn’t eat a lot during breakfast, but eats a lot in the afternoons and evenings, even insisting on a late-night snack and will only go to bed afterwards. While he is still able to complete 10 hours of sleep during the night, waking up later in the morning, and still have siesta in the afternoon, we feel it’s not physiologic for a toddler to still be up until midnight. @_@ So we’ve all been practicing sleep hygiene, tweaking our routines and adjusting our schedules, so that we are all asleep by 10 PM at the latest.

As a consequence, I’ve been waking up earlier too. 😉 The actual waking hours are the same, just offset earlier by a couple or so, but I am able to accomplish more now that I have been waking up early. IDK, but there’s just so much energy and productivity in the mornings. I hope to we–the little one and I–will be able to sustain this. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Early to Bed and Early to Rise

  1. I’m not a morning person but my husband is. Sabi nila, mas nagiging productive daw ang araw pag maaga gumigising. Pero tingin ko depende rin yan sa kung enough ba ang sleep natin kasi kung kulang sa sleep, cranky rin ang labas natin. 🙂


    1. Ako din. Night owl talaga ako. @_@ Effort magising ng maaga. But so far, so good. 😉 I’m liking how my mornings are productive and not so rushed these days. 🙂


  2. I used to not believe the idea that some don’t consider themselves as morning persons. Everyone needs to go to school and work… that happens and starts in the morning. However, when freelance works started to invade me… I realised that I became part of the group that I used to deny. Hahaha For some reason, I found the best working place during midnight to dawn… very true for my freelance work. What I used to do for days, I can do it in one might of Kuya Germs… “walang tulugan” hahahaha Everyone at home got used to this habit… as they said, kapag puyat ako… may raket daw… at wait for a couple of weeks,… sigurado may magshshopping at malilibre ng pizza hahaha

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  3. I’m a morning person. I like waking up around 5 and browsing the Internet and/or working. I especially like the quiet — hilik lang nung mag-ama naririnig ko. Kaya lang if I get an upsetting email in the morning, buong araw akong affected.


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