Mercy for The Miserables

Les Miserables is in Manila! And it’s playing at The Theatre at Solaire Resort and Casino for a limited time only. I wish I could go and watch the live performances, but the logistics of travel to and from Manila, accommodations, braving traffic (the thought of this alone is most discouraging! 😮 ), and leaving my still-breastfeeding baby is probably not sulit. Maybe someday, when Elmo is old enough to sit still in a theater and appreciate this kind of shows (I would love for him to be able to watch this. 🙂 ). But for now, I will just content myself with listening to the OST. It is my favorite and most listened to soundtrack. (For the longest time, “On My Own” was my theme song. 😛 )

Les Miserables is several love stories intertwined: Fantine’s self-sacrificing love for Cosette, Valjean’s fatherly love for Cosette, Cosette and Marius’ love at first sight, Eponine’s unrequited love for Marius, the revolutionaries’ friendship and love for country, and above all, God’s forgiving and transforming love. 🙂

We all know the story of Jean Valjean. Nineteen years in prison, “just for stealing a mouthful of bread”, and he has become a broken and bitter man. 😡 He “had come to hate this world; this world which always hated” him. When a kindly bishop takes him in, he steals the man’s silver and escapes, only to be caught shortly thereafter. Instead of turning him in, the bishop claims that he gave the silver as gift, and Valjean was able to avoid another prison sentence.

The bishop’s actions made Jean Valjean rethink his life and start anew. The generosity and kindness he received has rippled into various directions and touched many lives, including the townspeople which he led as Mayor, the employees in his garment factory, and in particular, the single mother Fantine and her orphaned Cosette. He saves one unnamed man who got mistaken for him from being sent to jail, delivers Marius from death, and even allows Javert to escape.

If Valjean is the personification of grace in this story, Javert is the archetype of the law–cold, rigid, uncompromising, unforgiving. 😡 He lives by the adage that “those who falter and those who fall must pay the price!” Valjean may have been the ex-convict, but it is Javert who is the real prisoner, of his own beliefs and prejudices.

Les Miserables is not a Lenten season staple (unlike say, “The Passion of The Christ”). But I love how it has poignantly and popularly tackled Law vs. Grace without being overtly preachy and moralistic. That Grace always trumps Law 🙂

“And remember
The truth that once was spoken
To love another person
Is to see the face of God!”

This Holy Week, we commemorate Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross. It is not enough that we only remember, but that we should respond to His sacrifice. That the grace and mercy we have received from Him will transform us to be good and do good. Not out of a sense of obligation or fear of punishment. But out of thanksgiving. Out of love. ❤

Have a blessed and meaningful Holy Week everyone! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Mercy for The Miserables

  1. Hi Aggie! I’m not sure if my previous comment was submitted. Blame the poor internet connection. It’s only now that I realized that you live outside Manila. 🙂 You are so lucky to miss all the hassles and inconveniences of the city life.

    Les Miserables is timeless! My favorite part was the Bishop’s cover up. I felt that it serve as the turning point of everything. It also reminds me that at some point, everyone just needs an opportunity.

    As for the Korean drama, try Viki and Drama Fever used to be nice… not until they became selfish to PH based users. Hope you can watch some..para may kakwentuhan din ako hahaha

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    1. I miss my Hallyu fix. Started in 2004. It’s been years since I got the time (and focus) to watch an entire drama. 2010 pa ata yung last. 😮 You are apparently a Kim Tae Hee fan. First saw her, then as supporting, in Stairway to Heaven. She’s lovely and her beauty is reportedly natural. 🙂 My favorite Korean actresses are Son Ye Jin, Jeon Do Yeon and Lee Da Hae. 😉 And my favorite Korean actors are TMTM! 😛 But to name a few (!): Jung Woo Sung, Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Dong Gun, Lee Dong Wook, Won Bin, atbp. <- mejo thanders na sila. 😛 I look at the current crop of Korean guys, and I feel so ahjumma if I will still crush on them. 😛

      Yes, proud probinsyana here! 🙂 Although I studied and practically grew up in Manila. Took some getting used to when I moved back to the province, kinda like "City Mouse goes to the Country." But it's a move I'm glad I made, esp now that I have a toddler. 🙂 Holler when you're in town. Would love to show you around the beautiful province of Ilocos. 🙂


      1. Kim Tae Hee is my favourite… even though she is often criticised for her poor acting. I don’t care, care bears hahahahahaha I also like Son Ye Jin. Ang ganda, kainis hahaha Kwon Sang Woo is stairway to heaven, d ba? 🙂

        The Korean guys I often watch are of my age… 80s kid kami. Although I would always be surprised because everyone looked way way way younger than me. Only to later discover, we are of the same age range. Song Jong Ki for instance will pass as a college kid. Tapos I discovered, we are almost of the same age. Hahahaha Nasaan ang hustisya? Hahahaha

        Was surprised to learn that you are from Ilocos. Haven’t been either to the Norte or Sur. As always, laging plano plano ang trips. Hanggang plano na lang. Will definitely look for you when I have the chance to get there!

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  2. I only watched the movie version. I may not be dying to watch the musical, but it sure is a good show, I heard. I’m also proud of Rachel Ann Go for representing our country well.

    I agree on everything you said about the real meaning of Holy Week. We should not just remember the death of Christ on the cross, but we should also try to emulate his good traits. Our life, no matter how short it is, can be used to do good to others just like what Jesus did to his. It’s easier said than done, I know, but we can all try and try hard at that. Happy Easter, Aggie! 🙂

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