Wednesday Whatevers

It’s 1 in the morning, and I can’t sleep. o_O It’s been a long and tiring day actually. Got home around 9 (which is late by rural life standards), and was already soooo sleepy. But I’ve still got to pack for our travel to Manila tomorrow later. So I guzzled 2 mugs worth of coffee in order to stay awake. I must have overdone it. Coz not only was I able to finish packing our luggage, was also able to declutter my closet and some drawers… and update this blog! 😛

I’m starting this weekly roundup or feature dubbed “Wednesday Whatevers.” Wednesdays–and Thursdays–are my “days off”. Being somewhere between manic Mondays and the last minute frenzy of Fridays,  it’s when things are slower at work. Weekends aren’t exactly more relaxed, but I try to unplug on those days.

Was choosing between “Wednesday Whatevers” and “Thankful Thursdays” or “Thoughtful Thursdays.” I’m a fan of alliterations obviously (see my blog title and tagline?! 😉 ) Opted for the former because it is more neutral. I can be thankful and thoughtful, inspiring, encouraging, and optimistic. But I can also rant and complain, and vent out my fears and frustrations, and be NEGA!!!! (Okay, not so much. Just a healthy dose of realism and honesty, perhaps. 😉 ) If I go for “Thankful Thursdays”, I will be forced to put a positive spin to my post every time, just to be in line with the gratitude theme.

So for starters, it’s been a very busy week… at home. We had workers over to overhaul the house’s plumbing system. Also had some bathroom fixtures installed.

We moved into this house in the latter part of last year, but it was not without a lot of problems and inconveniences. Construction on the house actually started 3 years ago, but that scum of a contractor used substandard materials and took off with our money. Grr…. 😡 After three years of repairs and rectifications, it finally became habitable. We decided to just move in and channel our funds to fixing the house, instead of paying apartment rent. At least, it’s a place we can call our own. I can finally buy furniture! And start prettifying the place. 🙂

Some design ideas I’d like to have in our home:

♥ Inspirational wall decals. I particularly like this verse, Matthew 6:11, for the kitchen and/or dining area, to remind me of God’s provisions. 🙂


♥ A large sofa with lots of pillows. Perfect for siesta! 😛


♥ An herb garden


♥ A tree bookshelf–a quirky way of storing and showcasing the little one’s stuff. 😉