Ant Attack

Living in the suburbs, we have our fair share of bugs and critters that enter the house–black ants, moths, grasshoppers, house lizards and the occasional baby frogs. @_@ Recently though we’ve been having more than the usual invasion of ants. And these are the big and red fire ants that bite! (We suspect the plumbers disturbed an anthill; the unusual ant invasion coincided with the time we started pipe repairs.)

Tried bug sprays and even Terro, but uses of these chemical insecticides are limited. We spray only before leaving the house when we know we’d be away for several hours, and Terro can only be placed in areas away from the curious little toddler and food/food prep areas… But these ants have a predilection for the kitchen countertop!

Looked up info online on how to get rid of ants naturally. Methods include: boiling water, peppermint, cinnamon and turmeric–the last 3 supposedly mess up with the ants olfaction. Tried turmeric and the results were dramatic. 🙂 It leaves a yellow stain on surfaces, but most of our furniture’s in yellow wood anyway, and nothing a good scrub can’t erase. 😉


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