Online Shopping: Bijoux de Lou

I have this inherent distrust for online shopping. Not the sellers per se (although there could be a few rotten apples spoiling the lot), but the whole process itself–from shipping where things can get lost/misdirected, to handling where things can get broken (this happened to our wedding candle where some of the little ornaments fell off), and taxes/hidden charges which can get abused. 😮 So in 5 years, I have only transacted online thrice: the first was our wedding cord and candle, the second was a couple of books, and my third and recent purchase was my X-Files charm bracelet from Bijoux de Lou.

The bracelet was initially out of stock. But once BDL informed me of its availability, I set my dibs on it right away. Paid for it on the same day they notified me, and received it a couple of days later. Because of my fuss-free experience with them, I intend to purchase from them again.

Bijoux de Lou sells whimsical costume jewelry. I’m especially drawn to their anatomical designs. For my next purchase, I am eyeing the anatomically correct heart locket in gold. It is even topographically accurate (somewhat) once worn. 😎


I also like these electrocardiogram and ribcage necklaces. Very quirky. Parang ang corny nung brain locket though. But anyway, I already have a neuron necklace. 😉

gold_cardiogram_necklace 964904_10151724795023441_1912776854_o

I can’t decide from the many cute and cool charm bracelets of various hobbies and professions. BDL also has stuff for fans of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Marvel/DC, among many others. (Fifty Shades of Grey, anyone? 😛 )

So many stuff I want, so little money. 😮 Also, I’m supposed to be mindful of my spending. 😛


9 thoughts on “Online Shopping: Bijoux de Lou

  1. Great necklaces! Now I want that heart locket. By the way, isn’t that called electrocardiogram? Echocardiogram is something different.
    I don’t really like online shopping either. I only shop online from seller whom I know personally (I’m over protective to my home address).

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    1. Thanks for pointing that one out. Edited my post. 😉

      I’m kinda protective of my home address also, so I have the items shipped to my office or a relative’s address. Perhaps you could avail of a PO box.

      How are you? I’m pleasantly surprised to hear from you again after a while. 😉

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      1. You’re welcome 😉
        I use my university address for snail mail. PO box is quite expensive for me and I don’t receive mail or package often.
        It’s been a while, right? I’m good. I’ve been feeling down lately but I feel better now. How are you?


      2. Struggling to strike a balance between work and life, running the household, and raising my son who is now a very active and curious toddler. It’s tiring and crazy, but wonderful as well. 🙂

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      1. Sobrang miniscule na siguro nung amygdala. 😉

        Shux, kung hindi siguro “Mindfulness” ang Word of the Year ko, kung “Joy/Happiness” sana or “Shopping”, nag-splurge na siguro ako. 😛 Daming cute and cool designs, especially the different hobbies. Ni hindi nga ako hematologist/med tech/red cross/bampira, pero gusto ko yung blood bag necklace. And there are charm bracelets for coffee drinkers, bibliophiles, busy mommies, writers (quill bracelet and typewriter pendant)!


  2. You should try shopping on etsy if you feel uneasy about shopping online. As a seller, that has sold on a couple different websites I found the Etsy members reach to the stars with customer service, careful packing so on and so on. Im sure there are a couple bad sellers on that site, overall I highly reccomend checking out etsy.


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