My X-Files Charm Bracelet

My X-Files charm bracelet from Bijoux de Lou  arrived earlier this week… which coincided with the return of the X-Files on TV. 😉 (Saan ba ako makakapanood dito? Wala nang RPN 9. 😮 )

The bracelet is made of stainless steel and has the following charms:

  • The letter X. The actual “X” in the X-Files has a scraggly appearance and a break in one of its “p” arms (you know, chromosome 😛 ), although I guess, it would be difficult make the floating arm attach to the charm. Nevertheless, the Time New Roman-esque font is alright. After all, X is X is X is The X-Files. 😉
  • The phrase, “I Want to Believe” which is the show’s tagline.
  • The letters, FBI, where the duo work. Scully really rocked the phrase “Scully, F.B.I.” There was a time I thought about following in her footsteps. But the local counterpart just doesn’t cut it, i.e. “Agent Aggie, N.B.I.”
  • A gun
  • An alien mask
  • A *sinaunang* desktop computer
  • I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a UFO or the planet Saturn
  • A doctor’s bag, representing Special Agent Dana Katharine Scully
  • A fox, representing Special Agent Fox William Mulder
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I find the alien and the UFO/Planet Saturn charms redundant though, since the “I Want To Believe” phrase also has an alien in it. I don’t think BDL allows for personalized charms. But since libre lang naman mangarap, I would like to see these:

  • A cross would better represent Scully than a doctor’s bag, since she wears one around her neck. And as much as she is the skeptic when it comes to the paranormal, she is a believer in religion/spirituality.
  • A fetus to symbolize Scully’s barenness (in the earlier part of the show), or her half-alien daughter Emily, or William which she eventually conceived… and gave up for adoption! #%@?!?!!
  • A lighter or a cigarette for The Cigarette Smoking Man, the show’s main villain
  • A rat, to represent Alex Krycek
  • A flashlight, instead of a gun, since Mulder and Scully use that more often 😛
  • One of their featured monsters of the week. Flukeman perhaps?
  • An Erlenmeyer Flask. Season 1, Episode 24.
  • A Paper Clip. Season 3, Episode 2.

2 thoughts on “My X-Files Charm Bracelet

    1. Ok den mismo yung Erlenmeyer Flask na charm. It’s subtle, but Philes would immediately get it. Edited above post to add it. 😉

      Hmmm… ano kayang pwedeng charm to represent Skinner?


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