Christmas Wishlist 2015

It’s 43 days to Christmas, and I have yet to feel the Christmas vibe. @_@ It may be the recent calamities and problems besetting the country that’s contributing to this slump. Why, I’m seeing more political ads than I’m hearing Christmas songs. X_x It could be the heat. The “ber” (brrr) months are supposed to usher in the cold season, but the El Nino phenomenon is making November feel like summer. 😮

Anyway, to jumpstart the holiday feeling, I’m writing my Christmas Wishlist. It’s different from my Birthday Wishlist, because that one is more like a Shopping List. (I have since purchased the Jose Mari Chan “Christmas in our Hearts” album.) If you’re feeling galante, you could also gift me with items from it. Although at this point, I am not too keen on books (except for the hard-to-find X-Files Official Episode Guides) and trinkets and rainy day stuff. We’ve just recently moved house and have so much organizing to do. And until we have settled, I do not want to add any more to the clutter.

My Christmas Wishlist for this year is more practical. Also, I would’t mind receiving multiples of the same thing (except for the last item–one apron is enough, since I do not even cook! 😛 ) So if you are my secret Santa in any of the gift exchanges I am joining this year, here’s what you could give me for Christmas, which I would definitely use/need.

  1. A cute Korean *perpetual* planner.
  2. Lip and cheek tint from The Body Shop–a staple in my makeup kit.
  3. Benefit Big Easy (in 03 Light Medium), and The Porefessional–my current makeup faves; I’m still using the same tubes I bought 6 months ago! 😀
  4. Human Nature shampoo and conditioner. Because I love their scent and packaging! 🙂
  5. Virgin coconut oil.
  6. Spa/massage GC.
  7. Tornado mop.
  8. Yaya Dub apron 😛

10 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist 2015

      1. Congratulations! You are my first AND ONLY follow on my Instagram. 😎 I opened it sometime this year to set my dibs on my username, and supposedly to “connect and network and grow my blog.” But if my blog posts and FB activity are any indication, you know I can be a social media “recluse.” Haha! 😛 In fact, I almost forgot I had Instagram and only accessed it now after several months of dormancy.

        I’ll just bookmark your site (thanks for setting it to “Public”) and most probably visit it from there. Ang sarap pagmasdan ng mga pictures mo. 🙂


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