Wake Me Up Before October Ends

I haven’t exactly been hibernating. 😛 Rather, I’ve been so much busy these past several weeks that I did not have time to blog. On top of wife and mommy duties, and work, we’ve had visitors over, a couple of out-of-town trips, meetups with friends, lectures/courses, and other social obligations.

Perhaps the biggest event of all was #AlDubEBTamangPanahon, ah este… 😛 MOVING HOUSE!!!! 😉 We’ve been cleaning for weeks, and transferring things in little batches, culminating in The Big Move on the weekend when Typhoon Lando (Koppu) wreaked havoc in Northern Luzon. Fortunately, we were able to move in before the typhoon hit.

Despite being so tired from the day’s haul, I couldn’t sleep on the first night in our new house. Partly out of excitement over starting anew. Couldn’t wait to begin furnishing and decorating the place! 😀 Partly out of worry, because the winds were so strong. I took some comfort in the thought that if we had to evacuate, at least our things were already/still packed. 😮

We haven’t fully settled and organized. While the first floor’s decent enough, the second floor is still a mess. I try to tidy up a little everyday, but at the rate I am going, baka abutin ng new year… Chinese New Year! 😛


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