Elmo in Caleruega 2015

Attended a wedding in Caleruega last Sunday. It’s my 5th time to visit the place, and my 3rd time to attend a wedding there. The last time we’ve been there was for a wedding in May 2013. I was a few weeks pregnant with Elmo at that time. Fast forward 2 years later, my little boy is now a Bible bearer for a wedding in the same Church. 😉 We bought him a black suit for the occasion. Very dapper, very cute! 😎 And have been rehearsing him for weeks on how to carry the Bible. It’s a small Church anyway, the aisle is just a short walk. Since Daddy would be standing in front as Best Man, the instructions were “Give Bible (to) Daddy.” He’s been doing really well in our rehearsals. 🙂 Unfortunately, he fell asleep on the way to the Church. 😛 And it would be heartless to wake up a sleeping baby.

Caleruega is such a beautiful place, I wanted to take lots of pictures. But because my husband was busy discharging his Best Man duties, I had to watch over our son. He woke up halfway through the sermon, so I brought him outside so as not to disrupt the wedding rites. He wasted no time exploring the place. Here are a couple of shots I managed to take while running after the little one, on the hilly slopes of Caleruega, in a dress… and HEELS!!!! 🙂

caleruega1 caleruega2


4 thoughts on “Elmo in Caleruega 2015

  1. Caleruega is love! Been quite fortunate to regularly see the place because of work. 🙂 As for the friend oreos, recipe is easy peasy 🙂 You just need to make your own pancake mix, dip the oreos and dunk it to the frying pan.The difference spells on the quality of batter you make. I want to make the coating a bit crunchy but as you can see.. major fail naging chicken nuggets


    1. Wow! That sounds like a fine job you have then. 🙂
      Been browsing through your Caluruega posts. You have such lovely stills. On all occasions that I’ve been to Caleruega, there are always lots of people so it’s difficult framing your shots, to minimize photobombers. 😛


    1. I wish I could have taken more pictures too. But you know, baby-sitting duties. 😉 To get the little boy to even stand still and pose for a second is a challenge.


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