Midyear Progress Report

These were my New Year’s resolutions. Halfway through the year, here’s a quick assessment on how I’m doing so far.

  1. Wake up early. Fail. @_@
  2. Daily devotion. According to My Reading Plan, I’m only 3.0% through with my Bible reading. Let’s see if I’ll be able to catch up on this in the latter half of the year.
  3. Lose weight. I’m lighter by 2 POUNDS. 😛
  4. Skincare. This is my focus right now, since I’ve been having a bad case of eczema lately. @_@
  5. Read. Mostly children’s books, ie. Eric Carle and Dr. Seuss. But I haven’t gotten around to reading a novel. I’m not sure if I should keep up with this resolution, or if I should be more realistic about it.
  6. Write more often. I think I’m alright with this one. 😉 Perhaps I could do more by taking photos.
  7. Explore the outdoors. The rains are keeping us in right now. But we got to go out during the summer. 😎
  8. Get my driver’s license. And for the third time, na-tanso na naman ang student permit ko! 😛
  9. Less idle Internet surfing, ie. Facebook, and gossip sites. It’s not so much FB and FP anymore, but I’ve been spending a lot of time online reading personal blogs on a variety of topics: parenting, mindfulness and minimalism, decluttering and organization, small space interiors, home office pegs, natural eczema cures, diets for G6PD deficiency, anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, anti-epileptic drugs and various news and commentaries on current events and local politics. 😮 And this is why I also fail to keep resolution #1 above. 😛
  10. Have Faith. This is a work in progress. 😉

6 thoughts on “Midyear Progress Report

  1. Inggit, lalo na sa “lose weight by 2 lbs” ikaw na!!

    Explore outdoors – good way to capture photos and practice photography skills…. but in manila, it’s not highly recommended #youknowwhy #holdapIyak 🙂


    1. 2 pounds in 6 months yan ha. So hindi sya ganun ka-significant in the grand scheme of things. Pero sige, baby steps… 😉 Abangan natin sa year-end. 😎


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