Birthday Wishlist 2015

July is my favorite month. That’s because it’s my birth month, as well as that of my husband and my mom (and our first pregnancy had it push through. 😮 ). And because birthdays are also perfect occasions for asking for presents making wishlists (the other one being Christmas 😉 ), here’s mine for the year.

1. The Official Guide to The X-Files Volumes 1-3. Because I’m a completist (see book peeve #10), and I’ve already got The Official Guide Volumes 4-6. Tsk, I really should have bought Volume 3 then when I got the chance. But then, I didn’t have the cash. 😦 It was pricey, esp for a college student allowance.

The Truth Is Out There (The Official Guide to The X-Files Volume 1)
I Want To Believe (The Official Guide to The X-Files Volume 2)
Trust No One (The Official Guide to The X-Files Volume 3)

2. Scully’s crucifix pendant. (Hello Patron! I wonder if you’re reading this. 😉 😛 )

3. Barbie and Ken, as Mulder and Scully. and/or

4. These very cute Mulder and Scully FunKo Pop TV toy figures. 🙂 Because I am on an X-Files roll. 😛

5. Brain coasters and brain candle from Think Geek. 😎

6. Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas in our Hearts” album. 😎 Because we’re halfway through the year, and before you know it, it’ll be Christmas. And Jose Mari Chan is the essence of Pinoy Christmas! Hehe. 😀 (Side story: I once saw him at the airport. And unlike other artistas who pretend that they do not see you and purposely look the other way, Mr. Chan met my gaze, nodded, smiled and began to sing “Fancy meeting you alone in the crowd, couldn’t help but notice your smile….” Ok, I’m kidding about the last part. 😛 But he did smile, and I find it rather nice coming from the best-selling Filipino singer of all time. And man, he still looks the same as when the first time I saw girls and boys selling lanterns on the street!!!!)

7. The Philippine Madrigal Singers “Acclamation” album. Because of their soul-stirring “Awit ng Paghahangad.”


8. Cath Kidston stuff for the rainy season: cag in a bag and a walking umbrella in Clifton Rose Bloomsbury design.

9. The Morning Star Trilogy (Boxed Set) by Nick Bantock. Because as previously mentioned I’m a completist, and I’ve already got the first set. I’ve always been fascinated by the correspondence between Griffin and Sabine. 🙂

10. Benefit Big Easy (in 03 Light Medium), and The Porefessional. Because they are my makeup faves of the moment. Seems pricey, but if you use only a pea-sized amount, a tube can last you 3 months. 😉

11. VMV Hypoallergenics Know-It-Oil (VCO). I’ve started using this in lieu of moisturizer/lotion because of my eczema.

So to my fans, friends and family who wish to make me happy on my 3-th birthday, now you know what will. 😉

Seriously though, I just like making lists of things I like. It always feels good thinking about your favorite things. Most of the time, my wishlists are just fancy shopping lists because I end up buying these things for myself anyway. 😉 The REAL Wishlist is much more personal and less materialistic. 😛 And because they are things (to quote a song), “the world cannot give… the world cannot understand…” it is really more of a Prayer List. In a nutshell, I wish for/pray for PROTECTION, PROVISION and PEACE. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Birthday Wishlist 2015

    1. Did he also sing “Dyslexic Heart”? Na na na na, na na na na na…. I saw him several years ago in NBS Q. Ave. He was standing in a corner, looking very serious while leafing through a book. I was shy to approach him–HS ako noong height ng TGIS. He might have acknowledged me though; he seemed well-grounded in his interviews.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    The Cath Kidston Cag in a Bag is soooo useful these days. 🙂 I love mine and it’s a little splurge I don’t regret…. especially for commuters. It can act as a substitute for the “hassle” of folding or humongous umbrella.

    Jose Mari Chan – I miss old school music and video tuloy 🙂 SM is phasing out or eliminating their music / video section.. Odyssey is starting to diminish.. meron pa ba? 😦 I must agree I love his Xmas songs… especially yung “watching busy shoppers rushing around in the cool breeze of December….” (d naman halata na mahilig kA mag shopping haha) ay sh*t feeling ko tuloy december na hahahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I confess I do not know how to fold a folding umbrella; I just tuck it in haphazardly. 😛 So I bring with me a large umbrella, which together with my heavy bag, are kinda hassle to lug around. A raincoat sure would keep my hands free (I could tuck it in my bag, I think.)


    2. Jose Mari Chan’s songs are so vocal-cord friendly and sing-able. Ang lamig pa sa pandinig! Parang Christmas breeze. Kaya naman essense of Pinoy Christmas talaga si Jose Mari! 😛

      Odyssey (or Astrovision ba yun?) yung may malaking store sa SM North Edsa, circa lates 1990s to early 2000s. And both Odyssey and Astrovision used to be all over the place. Bawat mall meron. Now, they are dwindling in number. You know it’s the end of an era. 😦


      1. Before they totally vanish I hope they will have a grand sale… palubag loob ba? 🙂 Oh SM North, the biggest branch of both odyssey and astro vision

        A bit unrelated naalala ko si Video City. Naglaho na din (oh downloads, youtube and torrents) i remember a story pa naman.. crush ko yung manager so i always rent films kahit madalas eh chaka na yung natira.. hahaha i would spare part of my allowance maka-rent kuno lang hahaha


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