Bad Skin Days

My eczema is flaring these past several weeks! I have dyshydrotic eczema on my fingers, discoid lesions on my thigh, atopic dermatitis behind my knees, and ring-like lesions on my fingers where my rings are. The lesions are soooo ITCHY, that I’d much rather scratch them (til they bled) and feel the pain, being more bearable than the itch. @_@

Have been using Cetaphil soap and steroid cream for quite a while now, and I’m not seeing any changes. Recently switched to Oilatum soap and a stronger steroid ointment. Added antihistamines to my regimen. Threw out commercial shampoos, except for my son’s baby shampoo which I am sharing with him. 😛 Took off my rings for a while. 😮

I’ve been reading a lot online on eczema management. Came across personal blogs of people with even worse eczema than mine and who swear by certain products (ie apple cider vinegar, virgin coconut oil) and practices. Notable of these personal journeys is that beyond the steroids and moisturizers, management of eczema is a lifestyle change: no gluten, no dairy, 80:20 alkalinizing:acidic foods, no additives, little or no coffee (gasp!), lots and lots of water, a good night’s sleep and a positive attitude. 😎

While I know that it’s the heat these days that is the primary culprit for my eczema flares, I realize that I am more likely to flare when I am eating un-healthily and weigh heavier, and when I am under stress. @_@

And so in my quest for good skin, I shall try to abide by a healthy lifestyle and a zen attitude. 😉


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