Sliding Doors

“The things that don’t happen to us that we’ll never know didn’t happen to us. The nonstories. The extra minute to find the briefcase that makes you late to the spot where a tractor trailer mauled another car instead of yours. The woman you didn’t meet because she couldn’t get a taxi to the party you had to leave early from. All of life is a series of nonstories if you look at it that way. We just don’t know what they are.”

– Anita Shreve, “A Wedding in December”

I just suddenly thought of this quote. I guess it was brought about by my replies to a couple of comments to my book peeves post: about giving up on a “bad” book halfway through, and never knowing if it’s gonna turn out better in the end. 😮

Of course, it’s so much simpler with a book: You can jump to the end of it to know its conclusion. You can ask your friend who has read it what she thinks about it. You can go online and read reviews and look up spoilers…

Unfortunately, you cannot do that in real life. 😮


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