Brainy Things

My birthday is still a few months away, and Christmas is even farther. Still, I would want to start building My Wishlist, not so much as a gift registry for the reference of my generous patrons 😛 😉 but more as a “To Save Up For/Buy” List.

I’m crushing on these brain coasters from Think Geek. They remind me of cranial CT slices! Let’s do the Kothari! 😛 sliced-brain-coasters

This candle brain in a jar looks sweet. ^_^ candle-brain-in-jar

The neuron plush toy from Giant Microbes is adorable. 😛 neuron-plush

On our 4th year anniversary (as a couple, not the wedding), Terci aka The Patron :-P, gifted me with a neuron necklace from Anatomology.

neuron pendant

It was supposed to be a secret, but I was present when it arrived in the mail. I assumed it was one of his online toy orders, or perhaps something for the lab. I kept prodding him what was in the pouch (low EQ 😛 ), played 20 questions and guessed it on the 5th. Hehe!

“So what’s in your package?”
“It’s small and conductive.”
“Conductive? Ano to? 20 questions? EEG or EMG stuff?”
“Pwede pareho.”
“Wire? Or conduction gel?”
“It’s like a wire. It’s like jelly in its natural state…”
“OMG! Is it…?” @_@

Awww, how thoughtful… And nerdy! But I love  it  him 😉


9 thoughts on “Brainy Things

    1. Indeed! And who says Neurology–or whatever branch of Science–can’t be educational and nerdy/geeky, and cool and cute all at the same time!?!! 😎


      1. Just visited their site. The product’s in stock. Kaso pinagmumunimunihan ko pa if the coasters are a “need” or a “want.” Too many expenses coming up this month. @_@

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