Practicing Happiness

I started writing this as a comment to The Pseudoshrink’s post on Practical Happiness. But it got too lengthy, I decided to turn it into a blog post instead (for lack of blog fodder! 😛 ). This month has been very very VERY eventful, which is probably why I got carried away with my comments. I’m not sad. But I am not chipper either. I am tired though. 😮 So here’s how I deal.

  • Eat something COLD: ice cream, or iced coffee, or fruit shake, or halo-halo. Basta malamig, para malamig ang ulo! 😉
  • Have a good massage. Ideally a whole body massage with the works (sauna, shower, essential oils and aromatherapy), but since I haven’t got the time, a head massage would suffice. Why, even a head scratcher works! (I’m using one right now as I type this–you know, the one that looks like an egg beater. 😛 ).
  • Have a nice warm bath, with a citrus-y body wash, OR vanilla shampoo.
  • Get some early morning sun. Waking up to a new day is symbolic of a fresh start. And there’s scientific proof on the benefits of sunlight exposure, as light therapy is being used for patients afflicted with seasonal affective disorder. There’s also more energy and productivity in the mornings.
  • Cleaning and organizing. It keeps my mind off things.
  • Writing, but not necessarily blogging. I do keep a private journal, where I can be as candid as can be, with nary a care for spelling, grammar, writing style and political correctness. 😛 While I sometimes write to vent, I try to be more grateful.
  • Unplug. It’s not so much the envy and commercialism online, but the cyber-bullying and negativity on the news these days. 😦
  • Cuddling with my boy. There’s just something so relaxing and peaceful with my baby lying *quietly* next to me (Emphasis on the quiet, haha!).

How about you? How do you be/keep happy?


9 thoughts on “Practicing Happiness

    1. IKR! I try to steer clear of gossip sites (I’m looking at you, FP! 😛 😉 ). They’re fun and funny at first, but after a while, all the negativity wears you down. I also try to limit my time on news sites, because of all the bad news nowadays. I fear for the world my son will grow up in. 😦

      Slow, long baths are a luxury for me these days.


    1. It’s okay. Thanks for the nomination/s! But I’m actually worse than you in answering these sort of things; I still haven’t gotten around to answering Owlivia’s Liebster Award questions. 😛 Let’s see about yours. They might come in useful when I run out of blogging material. 😉

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  1. Cuddling the little boy – how priceless! if only i have my own hahaha

    I agree to your choices, as in all of them except for the massages… Haven’t recovered from my first and last massage experience. The next day, I woke up with bruises everywhere 🙂 hard kung hard! I thought it was my mistake because maybe my period is coming..but no… hindi talaga. after that, i never considered getting one again

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    1. Why don’t you give it another chance? On my first massage, I was very tense and ticklish; now, I’ve learned to relax. 🙂 Or you could just try it on just a part of the body, like your hands, or feet. 😉


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