Some people can be just sooo overbearing! A colleague has been asking these “favors” from me. (I do not know how to call these “things” she’s asking of me; for sure they are not part of my job nor any of my obligations to her.) I do not mind helping in her little “causes”, but her frequent calls and redundant text messages are downright irritating. And her audacity to give me deadlines for such things, calling/texting an hour or a day, rushing me, is disrespectful of my time! Why, she even has the temerity to tell me to answer her calls promptly! Like I am her P.A., at her beck and call. #@%*&!!

Anyway, sorry for the rant. But I am neck-deep with other more pressing obligations. And then there’s Elmo who is becoming more and more active and adventurous these days! I’d describe my schedule as “flexibly fixed”–flexible, in that I have large chunks of free time, or seemingly so. But fixed in the sense that my day’s activities all revolve around the baby. It’s crazy, but carefully crafted. And anything that throws if off course–especially last minute requests that are neither productive nor even fulfilling–are unwelcome distractions. Hmph!


2 thoughts on “Rant

    1. IKR! Why don’t you, if only to let off steam!?!!! πŸ˜› You could modify the circumstances, conceal the identity (gender even! πŸ˜‰ ). I actually wrote this to put things in perspective kung bakit ako inis na inis. Granted she’s not even bossy or aggressive, but rather mild-mannered and soft-spoken, na kapag akong umaway, akong lalabas na masama! It’s not so much the persistence, but the thoughtlessness and utter disregard for my time.


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