This BUG’s Life

bug \ˈbəg\, noun

1 a: any of an order (Hemiptera) of insects that have sucking mouthparts, forewings thickened at the base, and incomplete metamorphosis; “true bug”
b : an insect or other creeping or crawling invertebrate
c : any of several insects commonly considered annoying, i.e. pests, mites, bedbugs
2 : a defect, flaw, or imperfection, especially in hardware or software
3 : a pathogen or infectious agent, causing disease
b : a nonspecific illness, caused by a bug
4 : an enthusiast, e.g. shutterbug
5 : a covert listening device used in espionage
6 : the Volkswagen Beetle
7 : a Blogging U. Graduate

Blogging U.

We have just recently concluded The Daily Post’s Blogging 101 February course. I know it is not serious school, and I don’t get a diploma nor can I add Blogging U. to my resume, but congratulate me, I graduated! That, despite being remiss with some of the assignments. 😛 I got sick towards the last week of Feb. Whatever *bug* my boys have got, I got it too. 😦 Though I was still able to work, I was more exhausted than usual and the meds made me even more sleepy. Anyway, I signed up for the same Blogging 101 course this month, to “make up” for whatever lessons I missed. 😉

I joined Blogging U. to help me jumpstart this blog, because often, I find myself lacking in ideas and motivation. I have been blogging since 2005, but was a sporadic and lazy blogger. So despite almost a decade long existence in the blogosphere, my old blog has never “grown” in terms of readership and content. I opened this new blog for the new year, and thought of joining Blogging U. to give my blog the impetus it needs.

And indeed it has! In the one month that I have been with Blogging U., my blog has reached 300++ views, from over 15 countries, and has gained 11 followers! 😎 Okay, contemptibly small stats vs. your blog’s perhaps. 😛 But when compared to my old blog stats, I already consider this an achievement. 😉 I was able to post more regularly, publishing 10 entries last month (vs. only 8 for the whole of 2014). Also, despite being with WordPress for 7 years, I still learned some new things about it, i.e. post formats, forms, how to break a long text, responsive layouts, hidden smileys, etc. 😉

And then there are The Commons, my lovely classmates, who have been been v. helpful, supportive and encouraging of one another. They are a lively and chatty bunch, and I was bracing myself for separation anxiety. Good thing, Kitty thought of organizing us Blogging U. alumni into a forum of sorts where we can continue with the comments, connections and camaraderie. 😉

I highly recommend joining Blogging U. to any aspiring blogger. First of all, it’s free! There’s no pressure in completing the assignments. And the community is very helpful and engaging. 😎


8 thoughts on “This BUG’s Life

    1. But that’s what we really call ourselves! 😀 (I can’t recall if it was Kitty or Camille or somebody else who coined it.) Didn’t you join the “mini Commons”? It’s an extension of The Commons–life after Blogging U. 😉

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