Virus Attack

My boys are sick. 😦

Elmo has had a nasty cold since last week. (Blame it on the changing temperatures this time of the year!) Really nasty I tell you: red nose, teary eyes, sleep broken by fits of sneezing and hacking cough from post-nasal drip. 😦 He doesn’t have any fever though, and still remains active and very noisy! 🙂 Despite the antihistamines, his cough did not improve, and has even progressed to the productive kind, though he has difficulty clearing his secretions. We brought him to the pediatrician earlier this afternoon, who deemed it necessary to already give him antibiotics and mucolytics. He hasn’t been eating much also, and we thought it might be due to tonsilitis. But when the doctor looked down his throat, she assured us that there wasn’t any inflammation, and that his poor appetite may be attributed to a couple of teeth sprouting.

Now, it’s Terci’s turn. He has been feeling cold since last night, and later this evening felt pain in his throat and developed low-grade fever. Not sure if he got it from the hospital, or from Elmo who was kissing him yesterday. 😛

They both slept early tonight. I’m still up though. Thought I would take advantage of this *alone* time for some reflection, reading, or cleaning. 😀


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