Clone Wars

Today on The Daily Post: If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

Oooh, I like today’s prompt! 😛 Especially since I find myself wanting to do so many things, in so little a time. 😉 Now if I could clone myself 4x over and be in 5 different places at one time, these are where I would be and what I would be doing.

  1. Be a full-time mom to my sweet little boy Elmo, so I don’t miss out on his antics and milestones. 🙂
  2. Be with Elmo… again. Because sometimes I can’t manage him all by myself. The other me can watch over him when the first me has to go pee. Or Clone #2 can assist me feed Elmo or change his clothes when he’s being uncooperative.
  3. Spend time with my husband. Accompany him throughout the day, wherever he goes. I especially enjoy our chats and drives together. ❤
  4. Spend alone time, reading a book, getting a massage, shopping, loitering online, lounging in bed and just plain being lazy. 😛
  5. Cleaning the house. Because it’s so messy!
  6. [Work.]

* * * *

Edited (02/17/2015, 11:20 PM): I realized that today’s prompt allows for only *one* clone with *whom* you can split your responsibilities. Now, I must have been dyslexic, and mixed it up with the succeeding daily prompt (Five a Day), so I came up with 5! 😛 But I was on a roll answering the Clone Wars prompt (toldja I really liked it! 😉 ). Hehe! 😛


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