I’ve just recently discovered this treasure trove of very cute, lovey-dovey drawings, by Andrew. His drawings started out as doodles on his iPhone which he sent as SMS to his then girlfriend (now wife!) Kate. (He claims he’s not very good with words, but he sure is a talented illustrator! 🙂 ) As a surprise for her birthday, he gathered his drawings and created a shrine, err, blog. 😛 A friend of theirs posted the link on Twitter, and suddenly, HJ-Story became a worldwide sensation. 😉 (HJ are the initials of Kate’s Korean name. Ain’t that sweet or what? 🙂 )

While his drawings and comics are mostly about their relationship and daily life, their appeal is universal because they resonate with the *ideal* of love. They are cute, cheerful, funny and heartwarming reminders of what love is. 🙂 Here are a couple of examples. (Gosh! I actually had a difficult time selecting which ones to feature coz there are so many of them, all cute and charming. 😉 )

For more cuteness, check out these links! 😉


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