Sobe It

I recently signed up for The Daily Post’s Blogging 101 course, to help me jumpstart this blog. Because often, I find myself lacking in ideas and motivation, and Blogging U. just might give my blog the impetus it needs. Today’s assignment is to try out at least three other themes on the blog. Because as with a pair of jeans, you’ll never know it’s a good fit until you try them on! 😎

Compared to thinking of a tagline and writing for a dream audience, this one’s a cinch! 😎 In fact, it was WordPress’s gorgeous themes that drew me here. (I was previously blogging at Tabulas, which was good, but had limited “templates”, which is what they call their themes.)

My old WordPress blog started with the now-defunct Banana Smoothie. Visually, it was cheerful and refreshing, but its features eventually got outdated. Since then, my blog has seen many theme changes. Sometimes, it was simultaneous with a “phase” I was going through, e.g. Misty Look, during a gloomy period in my life; Forever, which came out so timely during our wedding preps; Crafty, when I was a new homemaker and trying to channel “Martha Stewart” 😛 Other times, when things were getting stale, revamping my blog’s look gave it a fresh re-start. 😉

For this new WordPress blog, I am using Sobe. No need for Blogging U. to tell me to “Love {my} Theme.” I am soooo loving it, I would hug it if I could. 😛 It’s sweet, but not saccharinely so. It’s simple, almost minimalist (like Penscratch), with unobtrusive icons for post formats. Unlike my previous themes above, I’m using a one-column layout this time to keep the focus on my writing. 😉

Blogging U.


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